Welcome back guys! I returned to Seattle, Washington in February to celebrate Daniel's 24th birthday and I also experienced snowboarding for the first time. First off, let me begin with Daniel's birthday weekend. I wanted to make his day special by surrounding him with good friends and making his day a fun celebration. So I secretly invited one of his best-friends to travel with me to WA. He knew I was visiting for his birthday but he didn't know his best-friend was tagging along with me. His reaction to his best-friends unexpected arrival was priceless and hilarious. My plan worked and Daniel was so excited to have his best-friend and I in town for his birthday weekend. We began the afternoon by exploring more of Pike Place Market and introducing Seattle to his best-friend. Although Seattle's weather is mostly cold all the time, the day was perfect because the sun was out surprisingly! We ended his birthday night at a nice restaurant called 'Tablas Woodstone Taverna' in Mill Creek, WA where we had a delicious feast...literally a feast and sang him happy birthday.  His roommates also joined the dinner making his day even more special. That Saturday we hosted a Beer Olympics in celebration of Daniel's birthday and the Olympics of course lol. We played games such as beer pong, flip cup, civil war, dizzy bat, etc. Let me just say that the night was extremely fun, everyone had way too many beers, and the Texas team won the Beer Olympics (us) whoohoo!

Now let me back track to Friday which was the day I snowboarded for the first time! We went snowboarding at Stevens Pass, located in Skykomish, WA. It was snowing and extremely cold that day. I had never seen so much snow before! Keep in mind that I'm from Texas where cold weather, snowing, and mountains is not a thing. Every view of the mountains was beautiful and I couldn't believe how breathtaking nature can be. Anyways, Learning how to snowboard was definitely hard to get. From buckling up my boots to standing up on the board and learning how to move was tough. I fell probably 50 times and had the breath knocked out of me 3 times. I started practicing on the smallest run named Daisy, which in my eyes felt huge but Daniel and his friends helped me get the grip on coming to a stop when I felt nervous. A lot of my first runs consisted of sliding, stopping, and if I was lucky then falling on my butt but most of the time I ate shit.. hard lol. On my last few runs I finally started to get comfortable with the speed and maneuvering the board. As I continued to practice and picking up more speed, I eventually started to snowboard with confidence and it was with a lot of falling and getting back up that I finally accomplished snowboarding. Now I absolutely love to snowboard and would like to get much better at it. YAY me for trying new things!!!