Meet Tepoztlan, a quaint little town south of Mexico. This town is known for it's jagged mountains, lush jungles, and traditional Mexican architecture. At the top of the mountain lays an ancient pyramid called 'Tepozteco' which over looks the little town of 15,000 people. Cobblestone streets create the foundation of this town and merge into the town square where many souvenirs and foods are sold. 

The one hour and twenty minute hike exceeded my expectations. It was a challenging climb of rocks, boulders, and jagged stairs to the top. Along the way I got to see the true beauty of nature.  


The pyramid to honor ancient God Tepoztecatl - a God of drunkenness and fertility. 


2nd trip to Tepoztlan 



The first time I learned about Xolo's was after watching the movie 'Coco'. Miguel's dog Dante was quick to make me laugh with his goofy character. I then wondered why Dante looked different from other dogs and it was then that I did some research and learned about Xolo's. 

Xolos are a national treasure in Mexico. With a history that goes back 3,000 years, the hairless dog is named after the ancient Aztec dog-headed God Xolotl. Xolos are also known to be legends of the Aztec afterlife where Xolos act as spirit guides to the dead as they make their journey to the underworld.

I seen this Xolo when I was visiting Tepoztlan for the second time. Xolo's are rare to find so it was one of my missions to see one while I was in Mexico. Can you tell that I was full of excitement to finally pet a Xolo?!

This Texan girl loves her breakfast with a kick and one of my favorite traditional Mexican dishes is chilaquiles verdes! For those of you who are not familiar with Chilaquiles. They are usually layered with fried tortillas strips, covered in salsa (green or red), and topped with eggs, beans, or shredded chicken.

To complete my trip in Tepoztlan, I had a delicious mojito. With Tepoztlan known for their best tasting drinks, I must agree that this mojito was indeed the best. 

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